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Guinot is a high end line of products.  These products are very specific to a skin type. They contain a variety of high quality active ingredients which make them effective and desirable to use.


JCO Naturals

JCo Naturals is a skin care line of quality products that are made from natural and organic ingredients. These products have refreshing scents and wonderful textures. JCo Naturals is locally developed, the products are packaged and labelled in Temiskaming Shores.


OPI is a leader in the nail care industry. These high quality long lasting polishes are known for their many colours and their unique names. OPI is in with the trends and often launches new products such as the Infinite Shine nail polish. At Indulge an OPI polish application is included in our manicures and pedicures, but if you fall in love with a colour we have a large selection available for purchase.


Footlogix products are made from pharmaceutical grade ingredients combined with Dermal Infusion Technology which allows the ingredients to penetrate the skin faster and deeper. These products are effective and easy to use; they can target various concerns such as cracked or dry heels, sweaty feet, and fungal infections.


Blinc takes common products such as mascaras, eye liners, and eyebrow fillers to another level. These products work in unique ways to give the best results right away with long term benefits. Take a moment to visits Blinc's website and learn more about Blinc.

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