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Pedicure & manicure

While pedicures and manicures are a great way to get pampered, they also help with the overall health of your hands and feet. 


Express Manicure        $ 35

Manicure                       $ 50

Spa Manicure               $ 60

(Includes exfoliation and paraffin wax)

Add Shellac                   $15



Express Pedicure        $45

Pedicure                       $60

Spa Pedicure                $75

(Includes exfoliation and paraffin wax)

Add Shellac                   $15

 With every manicure you will receive a warm finger soak, nails trimmed and filed, as well as cuticle work. Enjoy a luxurious massage which helps increase blood circulation.  Finish off with an OPI  polish application.

A pedicure is a pampering experience for your feet. Start with a warm foot soak, then we trim your toenails, file the dead skin from your heels, and clean up your cuticles. Then it is time for a relaxing foot and leg massage.  We finish off with your choice of an OPI polish application.

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